Anonymous: I've been wondering... Does the whole Tantra philosophy encompasses anal or oral sex? And given that it is the union of the feminine and masculine energies, what about if I'm bisexual and am a woman and find myself with a woman as well? Is that considered as unnatural and unbalanced, energy wise? I hope you may soothe my doubts. I bow in gratitude, friends.

Everything in existence is pure and beautiful when perceived with the Heart.

Homosexuality is addressed in lots of Tantric literature through many mindsets and opinions. The most common we’ve read will say that between women sexual exploration is perfectly natural and can be a very powerful practice (especially when done along with a male), but that between men it is not as natural beyond basic exploration such as oral, and can have negative consequences if taken to a certain point.

We feel that a soul is genderless and that if it is expressing a specific attraction, it is because that is what is needed for that particular soul’s evolution at the time. If a person is dedicated to their spiritual awakening and follows their Heart’s intuition, they will be guided towards the people and situations that are most beneficial for their Soul’s expansion no matter what.

Each Soul, being inherently male, and female, and beyond, has the capacity to provide all of those energies for themselves and others. What is most important is that individuals who come together are balanced in their internal male-female energies through spiritual practice and awareness. This allows for complete harmony and an infinite circuit of spiritual energy to be formed between a couple.

We have a profound interest in the unification and expansion of female energies (within both males and females), as we see Earth is shifting into a paradigm where it will be guided by the Divine Feminine. We see women sharing spiritual expansion as a very potent way for women to realize their own power and feel whole and complete without a physically male counterpart. Males who embrace both their feminine and masculine energies will also enter into a new sense of wholeness, and if sharing with another male helps one along their path, there can be nothing wrong with it.

As far as oral sex, it is a beautiful form of art and worship and there are many tantric texts that go over positions and techniques, the most important lesson being that it should always come from the Heart and be experienced as a meditation on both sides.

Anal sex is not always considered in Tantric literature, and sometimes is said to cause “negative Kundalini” or a downwards flow of energy as opposed to an upwards one towards the crown and enlightenment. This is most likely true in many situations, however, from personal experience we feel that anal sex can be intensely expansive and carries a very special vibration of union and a great potential for moving energy. We do understand that if the correct awareness is not present, that energies can become degraded easily, however, and caution those who are interested in this practice to first develop a good sense of their energy bodies and Kundalini flow.

There’s an article about Root Awakening (anal) on the website that talks about the spiritual benefits and gives tips for expansive awareness.

Hope this all helps some. Thank you for your question :)